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Graphene Manufacturing (GMG.V) is fully charged today

Feeling Energized $270.35M Market Capitalization Graphene Manufacturing Group. (GMG.V) announced today that it has commissioned the Company’s graphene aluminum-ion (G+AI) batteries in the pouch cell format, as well as manufactured the first G+AI battery pouch cells. Additionally, Graphene announced that it has commenced operations at its Battery Development Center (BDC), enabling the Company to produce its […]


Manitoba gets into potash mining with approval of first project near Russell

As the eastern neighbour to Saskatchewan, the world’s leading potash producer and home to all of Canada’s potash mines, Manitoba has officially entered the potash mining business, with the provincial government granting approval for its first potash development project. Authorization has been given to Potash and Agri-Development Corporation of Manitoba (PADCOM) to start extraction and production […]

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