Decibel Announces International Expansion of Qwest Brand – CannabisFN

Ryan Allway October 4th, 2022 News, Top News ,  /CNW/ – Decibel Cannabis Company Inc. (the “Company” or “Decibel”) (TSX-V: DB) (OTCQB: DBCCF), a premium cannabis producer, is pleased to announce it has secured an on-going supply agreement with Breath of Life International Ltd. (“Breath of Life” or “BOL”) to launch Decibel’s Qwest brand and cannabis […]


Hero Technologies’ Sale of Common Stock Finances Land Purchase for Michigan Cannabis Operations – CannabisFN

Ryan Allway October 4th, 2022 News, Top News With cost-effective stock sale, company paves the way to establish base in fast-growing Michigan cannabis market. DOVER, DE / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2022 / Hero Technologies (OTCQB:HENC) Twitter: @heroicmindtech), a cannabis company focused on a “seed-to-sale” vertical integration strategy, today announced that it is financing the purchase of its […]


Recommendations for Someone Looking to Mitigate Pain from Cancer? (Michigan)

Hello, I’m in Michigan where cannabis is legal both recreationally and medically. My grandfather’s pancreatic cancer is worsening and he’s asked me to look into cannabis edibles and topicals to help him manage his pain. For the last couple of months, he’s been taking Good News Counting Sheep gummies to help him sleep. As his […]


Illinois Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Increase 1% Sequentially in…

October 4, 2022 at 4:21 pm Illinois adult-use cannabis sales of $130.7 million increased 1.0% sequentially in September despite one less day. Compared to a year ago, growth was a bit higher than the 6.2% rate in August, rising 7.4%: 2021 adult-use sales of $1.38 billion increased 106% over 2020 in Illinois, and year-to-date sales of $1.15 […]

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