Rio Tinto, OZ Minerals and Boliden select glycine leaching technology to manage tailings

Boron tailings. Image courtesy of Rio Tinto Draslovka Holding, a Czech company specializing in CN-based specialty chemicals, including sustainable solutions for the metal mining industry,  announced Thursday that its glycine leaching technology has been selected to be part of the OZ Minerals’ Think & Act Differently (TAD) incubator and their Waste-to-Value Challenge. The Challenge sees […]


Ero Copper reports record copper and gold production

Following a strong fourth quarter, Ero Copper (TSX: ERO; NYSE: ERO) boasts record annual production for 2022 at its Caraiba operations in Brazil’s northeastern Bahia state and its Xavantina operations in the country’s state of Mato Grosso. Last year, Caraiba churned out 46,371 tonnes of copper concentrate, exceeding Ero Copper’s guidance of 43,000 to 46,000 […]

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