5 Supply Chain Stocks Solving Logistics Pain Points

By Gambits Financial - Sep 9, 2022

Financial Gambits Special Report

MANHManhattan Associates, Inc.
GXOGXO Logistics, Inc.
TRMBTrimble Inc.
SPLKSplunk Inc.

Financial Gambits Top Supply Chain Stocks

The Global Supply Chain and Logistics systems have been in turmoil while dealing with Covid and its fallout. Many believe this will continue long after the Covid issue is dealt with. There have been colossal shifts in the way global trade is conducted and there is an impending need for solutions to the pain points we all find to be suffering from in some way. Below are 5 companies we’ve found that might just have the solutions to some of these problems. 

1) Manhattan Associates (MANH)

After you finish your online shopping, the company has to contact the warehouse to make sure it has what you bought in stock. The problem is that often the warehouse doesn’t actually have the product — maybe it’s in a different warehouse. But if you paid extra for expedited shipping, the retailer now has to scramble to get the product from a warehouse in Utah, for example, and all the way to you in, say, Pennsylvania. Enter Manhattan Associates. The company has been around for about 20 years and is a leader in providing warehouse management software. It allows retailers to see their products flow in and out of different warehouses, and it partners with companies that can analyze this data in real time. Retailers are realizing that they can’t do this on their own so Manhattan Associates is going to benefit from the revamp of the supply chain, she adds.
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2) GXO Logistics (GXO)

Retailers are realizing that they can’t stay on top of supply chain logistics on their own. They don’t have good real-time data, and supply chain executives are exhausted trying to figure out which company and innovative technology they should implement. But GXO Logistics has the technology to assist retailers in logistics management. The company has a very robust technology team that is constantly testing new products for their customers. Retailers aren’t experts in warehouse automation — but they do need it, and they’ll continue to need it to be as up-to-date as possible even after the current supply chain crisis passes.
NameGXO Logistics, Inc.
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3) Trimble (TRMB)

Trimble started out as a GPS hardware company. But over time, it’s become a software company as well. Here’s just one example of how it’s used: A trucking company can use the software to know where all its trucks are, what their load is, what their mileage is — all part of managing the supply chain for a trucking company. Trimble is expected to come out of the supply chain crisis as a winner as companies realize the need for this type of software.
NameTrimble Inc.
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4) Splunk (SPLK)

For companies that have hundreds of stores, thousands of products and suppliers around multiple countries, collecting and analyzing data is a huge challenge. The software company Splunk takes its customers’ raw data and puts it into a format that is actually readable, so that those retailers can see patterns related to pricing, and where products are. It’s a way to take a very detailed, global look, but in a simple format on a real-time basis. Analyzing data in this way has become especially important during the pandemic, when companies increased their digital footprints and will continue to be important going forward now that the supply chain network will have to be completely reworked to keep up with the times.


NameSplunk Inc.
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5) Verses Technologies Inc. (VERS)

Of note, there is a company called Verses Technologies that just publicly listed. Verses first use case, revenue generating, proof of work app built on their AI OS platform optimizes supply chain logistics and warehousing efficiency called “Wayfinder”. There is a reason that over 100 companies are lined up to work with Verses, including many Fortune 500 and Global 1,000 companies. Verse OS cracked the code for logistics and, in our view, will be a key part of solving the world’s supply chain crisis.

Based on the effectiveness of what Verses logistics is proving, this has incredible potential and we believe the next 6-12 months will demonstrate that blue sky as they convert pilots to contracts, and bring on integration partners and resellers who will begin to scale them to the equivalent of hundreds, then thousands of companies.

Amazingly it has also created the underlying protocols that have been classified by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) as a Public Imperative. The IEEE standardized Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as electricity for reference.

Their OS is expected to be ratified as the global de facto standard for Web 3.0 / Spatial Computing within 18 months.

For a more detailed summary of Verses please follow this link.

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This Financial Gambits Special Report is the first in an ongoing series of WEB 3.0 Companies and the role they play in shaping the future of the world.
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Welcome to Verses where context is everything

If you are interested in learning more about Verses, please fill out the form below and we will forward you more information or contact us to speak in person.

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