Bitcoin Prime review (Updated) – Is it Legit or a scam? Read this Germany report


Many people choose to trade stocks and commodities.

They buy and sell it on the same stock exchange and earn a profit of only around 1-1.5% on each trade. It’s a profitable option, but not as beneficial as trading cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and this is what makes it suitable for trading. People are constantly buying and selling cryptos on various exchanges, so the price of each asset will be different on every exchange.

Now, it’s not mandatory to have experience with trading. An automated trading system like Bitcoin Prime will help you to place lucrative trades. It conducts a market study, identifying the most profitable asset and finds the exchange where its price is the lowest. A similar process is followed when selling. The software looks for the exchange where the value of that asset is the highest.

Bitcoin Prime is an automated trading software that helps you to earn a healthy passive income. The software supports trading of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. It’s an automated system, which means it’ll execute orders for you. So, you can focus on your primary paycheck and leave the rest of the work to the Bitcoin Prime software.

Right from analyzing the market fluctuations, predicting the market’s future positions to executing orders, the system does everything on your behalf. You’ve to log in for 20-25 minutes daily to transfer your winnings to your bank account.

How Does Bitcoin Prime Work?

The software is an automated trading system. The algorithm developed into the software gets incorporated with several critical market parameters and historical market data. These help the algorithm during the extensive market scan that it conducts, to identify potentially profitable trading opportunities. It has a success rate of nearing 100%, so you can expect the software to execute profitable orders for you.

The Bitcoin Prime processor also uses the feature of ‘time-leap’ that helps it to be ahead of the crypto market by 0.01 seconds, always. The ‘time-leap’ feature allows you to be consistent and reliable wit its trading signals.

How to Use Bitcoin Prime?

Step I: Register on the Platform

It’s easy to register on the Bitcoin Prime trading platform. You’ve to fill the company’s registration form on the ‘signup’ link on the webpage. After you submit your details, you become the newest member of the Bitcoin Prime exclusive club.

You receive access to a ‘demo account’ that allows you to execute virtual trade orders using the tokens in your demo account. You can switch to live trading once you’ve explored all the features of the system and gained enough experience and confidence to book live trades.

Step III: Add Money to Your Trading Account

The minimum deposit is only $250. So, if you’re a beginner, you can begin by booking trade orders of small amounts, and as you gain more trust in the software, you can raise the daily investment.

Step IV: Set Trading Requirements and Choose Mode

With Bitcoin Prime, you’re always in control of your trades. The software pulls out potential trades based on the trading parameters you set. So ensure that you regularly adjust them according to your requirements.

Now, you’ve to select the trading mode between manual and automatic modes. Automatic mode is the default trading mode, but you can always switch to the manual mode if you’re a professional trader.

Step V: Place Orders and Win

The software has a staggering accuracy rate of nearing 100%. The system will execute profitable trades as well, on your behalf, and you can expect to profit from every trade. You can sign in to your trading account daily for a few minutes and withdraw the profits.

Benefits of Bitcoin Prime

  • Accurate Speculation – The Bitcoin Prime software provides you with precise trading signals with the help of the market indicators, market data, and the time-leap feature incorporated into the software. It has an accuracy rate of nearing 100%. So you can trust its judgment.
  • Executes Profitable Orders – When you’re trading on the Bitcoin Prime platform, you’ve no work to do. You can focus on your primary income and leave the trading to Bitcoin Prime. From market research, bringing lucrative trades to executing orders, Bitcoin Prime does everything on your behalf. 
  • High-Frequency Trading – The trading system has the potential to place multiple trade orders within a few seconds. It supports HFT or High-Frequency Trading and you can win from every trade that gets executed.
  • Internet-Based Platform – Unlike other trading apps that must be downloaded, you can easily access the Bitcoin Prime trading system from anywhere in the world to access them in countries like Canada, UK, Australia, Germany and Greece etc. The only requirements are working Internet connectivity and an operating device such as a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop to operate the trading software.
  • Customer Support – You also get access to highly-skilled customer service. In case you have any queries about your trading account, you can contact them. They’re at your service 24×7.
  • Access to Demo Account – You can practice trading using the demo account feature that you get access to. It allows you to learn innovative trading strategies and understand how the market works.

Is there a limit to the profits you can earn?

No, there’s no limit to the amount of profit that you can earn on the Bitcoin Prime software. The profit solely depends on your investment, so as you raise your investment, the amount you win increases.

Does the software support manual trading?

Yes, you can place trades on your own if you’re a professional.

Conclusion: Bitcoin Prime

Trading cryptocurrencies involves a great risk. But, Bitcoin Prime reduces your risk margin to just 0.05%. It means that there’s almost zero chance that you’ll suffer a loss from an executed trade. Bitcoin Prime is a free platform, so you can register immediately. It hardly takes a few minutes to complete the registration. Start the journey towards becoming a millionaire now, sign up on Bitcoin Prime!

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