A reader asked for my feedback on this concept in CO2 capture.

I really don’t have the background to evaluate this, but I can say that the capturing of CO2 at point sources, e.g., coal plants and concrete manufacturing, is already pretty good. Could this be less expensive?  I’m not well equipped to make that call.

But the problem is what you do with CO2 once you have isolated it.

People like Doty Windfuels propose to use off-peak energy to synthesize gasoline, diesel and jet fuel.  The more traditional approach is to sequester it underground.

The point sources discussed above contain about 30% CO2 in their exhaust streams, where auto exhaust is about 14%, and there are over one billion cars and trucks on American roads alone “that dog (clearly) don’t hunt” in the transportation space. which makes me extremely suspicious of the rest of these claims.

We also need to keep in mind that the whole enterprise of CCS (carbon capture and sequestration) seems to be a red herring, constantly being regurgitated by the fossil fuel industry.

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