Digitalization in the Real-World, Part 2

At our recent customer conference Blue Yonder ICON, we heard first-hand the chronic and new challenges supply chain, logistics, and commerce executives are facing and their strategies and implementations to realize the next visions. This is part 2 of a multiple part series to explore their stories (read Part 1). Digitalization Through the Eyes of Our […]


Financial Gambits Contributor

Are you interested in contributing to Financial Gambits?   Financial Gambits reaches a global audience of stock market enthusiasts, investors, and the trading-curious. Your stories have the power to initiate meaningful conversation with others on our site and across the entire web.  Stories published on Financial Gambits are syndicated to niche publications and large audiences across […]


Don’t Cling to Hopes That Putin Will Ever Face Justice

The White House has made an ironclad commitment to holding Russian President Vladimir Putin accountable for the atrocities his forces have committed in Ukraine. But don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. That’s because the Biden administration clings to wishful thinking about war crimes accountability: that leaders can be made to face justice […]

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