Logistics & Supply Chain

The State of Omni-Channel Order Management: E-Commerce Strategies To Drive Success

Worldwide events of the last two years have created new customer demand for order fulfillment flexibility and speed, creating an imperative to transform the state of order management. As events continue to impact B2B and B2C order fulfillment, what are companies doing to succeed and even thrive? Between October 2021 and February 2022, Gatepoint Research […]

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics Executives Survey Offers Latest Insights on Customer Experience and Disruptions

While every industry has experienced its share of challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the end-to-end supply chain and global and regional logistics operations have been forever transformed by the events of the last two years. Since supply chain volatility seems unlikely to go away, we at Blue Yonder wondered, “What are logistics […]

Logistics & Supply Chain

Transforming the Data Management Challenge into a Strategic Opportunity

Managing large volumes of near real-time data from multiple sources of input is a challenge for many businesses — particularly those companies that are managing their supply chains with a series of disparate and disconnected tools. While these tools may be somewhat integrated, they can be dependent on data from multiple streams. Instead of residing […]

Logistics & Supply Chain

Move To an Intelligent, Digitally Connected Supply Chain — A Simple Approach

“This is not a supply chain transformation; this is really a business transformation.” This simple statement made by Shri Hariharan, Corporate Vice President, Industry Strategy at Blue Yonder, during a recent webcast, perfectly encapsulates the critical role of supply chains for business. In addition, the statement also underlines the paradigm shift in how people and […]

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