New Outbreaks Test China’s Appetite for Reopening

Welcome to Foreign Policy’s China Brief. The highlights this week: China takes one step forward and two steps back on its COVID-19 restrictions amid new outbreaks, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin meets his Chinese counterpart in Cambodia, and why Chinese President Xi Jinping exchanged words with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G-20 summit. If you […]


Russia’s Loss is Turkey’s Gain in Syria

Photo Credit: While ample attention has been paid to how Russia’s influence has waned in Central Asia amid the Ukraine War, there’s another theatre that’s primed for a reshuffling of the geopolitical deck: Syria. Syria is home to one of Russia’s highest-profile post-Cold War foreign policy victories in the successful defense of the Assad regime […]


Why Ukraine Is Stuck With Elon (for Now)

As is often the case with Elon Musk, it started with a tweet. On Feb. 26, two days after Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov tweeted at the world’s wealthiest man. “While your rockets successfully land from space—Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civil people!” Fedorov wrote. “We ask you […]

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