Decom Wins Prompt Expansion For Aberdeen Safety Consultancy


© SafetecBabak Alnasser

Babak Alnasser

Safetec UK has launched a recruitment drive after the company recorded sales of £3 million in the first half of 2022, on the back of wins in the decommissioning and renewables sectors.

Based at 1 Marischal Square in Aberdeen, the risk management, technical safety and environmental consultancy said it had grown across “all aspects” of its service offering this year.

The company has already doubled its workforce over the last 12 months, including the hire of a new risk management and reliability lead, Phil Smith, as well as growth within the decommissioning and environmental teams.

It has also made several appointments to administration and graduate positions.

Managing director Babak Alnasser said Safetec UK was now looking to looking to add another four engineers to its roster by the end of the year to help further strengthen its safety, risk management and environmental services, and to support ongoing projects.

Mr Alnasser, who took over management of the UK business in 2019, added: “We’ve surprised ourselves in how much we have achieved in the last three years. Despite a pandemic and energy uncertainty, we’ve been able to grow our team and establish close relationships with major operators, developers and EPC companies, both in the UK and overseas.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in North Sea decommissioning work but also growth in renewables, particularly offshore wind, as well as new energies and net zero areas such as hydrogen and CCUS. Safety and efficiency are two vital components for any company and our flexible and nimble approach, on top of our knowledge, is appealing to organisations across the energy industry,” he said.

Alongside Safetec’s UK bases in Aberdeen and London, parent group Safetec Nordic has offices across Norway, as well as Sweden, Australia and Singapore.

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