DoLE, CSC back 4-day workweek


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THE Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) and the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on Monday preferred the execution of a four-day workweek as a method to aid employees cope with increasing rates of fuel and other fundamental products.

Labor Undersecretary Benjo Benavidez stated, nevertheless, it is up to personal business if they will embrace the option work schedule.

Labor Undersecretary Benjo Benavidez. File Photo

Labor Undersecretary Benjo Benavidez. File Photo

“We can appeal to the personal sector to carryout [it] since it’s management authority. They have to choose on this and it’s within their sole jurisdiction, however we can just motivate, not obligate the personal sector to embrace four-day workweeks. The Labor Code of the Philippines does not offer the minimum number of working days in a week,” Benavidez stated.

Before it is executed, the employees and companies veryfirst requirement to completely comprehend how the system works, stated Benavidez.

He keptinmind that lotsof personal companies have 6 working days a week.

The companies have 2 choices. They can reduce the 6 working days to 4 days and keep the typical hours of work. Or they can decrease both the working days and the working hours.

“Usually what the business does is the veryfirst alternative, which is compressing the work days from 6 to 4,” Benavidez stated.

He mentioned a arrangement in the Labor Code that thinksabout any work beyond 8 hours as overtime and that the employees have to be appropriately compensated.

But if company and workers concur to momentarily carryout a compressed workweek, Benavidez stated the Supreme Court enables the employee to waive the overtime premium.

“But we reward this as an exemption rather than the basic guideline,” he stated. “The basic guideline must be any hour in excess of 8 hours is thoughtabout as overtime work, and there should be matching payment for it. However, if they (employers and employees) have a memorandum of arrangement constant with the Supreme Court jurisprudence the overtime premium can be waived.”

An overtime premium is the extra settlement for work brought out in excess of 48 hours per week. The premium is comparable to 25 percent of the perhour rate for work carriedout in excess of 8 hours on regular days and 30 percent of the perhour rate for work carriedout in excess of 8 hours on rest day/day-off, unique day or routine vacation.

Meanwhile, CSC Aileen Lizada likewise revealed assistance for a four-day workweek in federalgovernment workplaces.

Under the compressed schedule, state staffmembers will have to work 10 hours a day rather of the normal 8 hours.

Lizada stated the commission supported the option work plan throughout the state of emergencysituation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In October 2020, the commission enabled heads of federalgovernment firms, consistingof regional federalgovernments, to choose on the work plan they desired to embrace, she stated.

Lizada likewise recommended that the reduced workweek be integrated with work-from-home plans to evenmore ease the workers’ concern.

She stated that if a federalgovernment workplace decides for a compressed workweek, it likewise has to thinkabout its workers’ psychological health and health. “Ten hours in the workplace is really challenging,” she stated.

The commissioner mentioned examples where work-from-home plans might be thoughtabout for federalgovernment staffmembers doing researchstudy, policy formula, task work, computersystem shows and database upkeep.

A four-day workweek does not mean that a federalgovernment workplace will just be open for 4 days. The firm’s human resources group should design a schedule to makesure constant shipment of services to the public, Lizada stated.

She likewise revealed that the commission is working on institutionalising the policies that will permit versatile work plans for state workers, specifically throughout times of catastrophes and disasters.

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