Enhanced clearness and guardrails for brand-new properties on Coinbase

By Ishan Wahi, Product Manager

We began our journey in 2012 by offering the best and simplest platform to buy and sell Bitcoin. Fast forward to 2022, and we now deal over 150 tradable possessions and our consumers still takepleasurein Coinbase as the mostsafe and simplest platform to usage. But, this is simply the starting. Today, we’re delighted to share some of our efforts to bring you more openness and info for recently tradable possessions, and how we’re presenting more tools and defenses to raise your trading experience on Coinbase.

More openness and info than ever

As we expand our possession offerings, we will be bringing on more, frequently recently developed possessions or lower understood tokens that might come with extra trading threats, consistingof greater rate swings and increased order cancellations.

Our objective is to be as transparent as possible with our consumers relatingto trading dangers, so we are presenting a brand-new speculative label on possession pages and a disclosure when performing trades for some properties. Customers will now start seeing this label and other openness efforts throughout Coinbase today. Learn more about speculative properties in our Help Center.

At Coinbase, your trust is our leading toppriority. We desire to assistance you trade more possessions while keeping your account secured. We’re intending to include even more possessions and broaden our protection around the world in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates.


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