Evaluating Bangladesh’s Response to the US Sanctions

Analyzing Bangladesh’s Response to the US Sanctions Photo Credit: Pexels

On December 10, 2021, the Biden administration enforced sanctions on Bangladesh’s elite paramilitary force, the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and 7 of its existing and previous authorities implicating of human rights abuses and kidnappings. Even however the United States and Bangladesh haveactually been delightingin a comfortable relationship because the birth of Bangladesh, this abrupt human-rights associated approving hasactually raised issues in the South Asian Nation, specifically as it hasactually been enforced “unilaterally” without any “prior details.”

Sanctions, an instrument of foreign policy, can be utilized to develop pressure on a state or non-state star to impact those choices and actions that are being viewed as threatening to security or breaking global behavioral standards. The UnitedStates federalgovernment usually slaps approves, utilizing it as a carrot and stick policy, on those nations that UnitedStates views as opponents, e.g., rogue states, those that threaten its nationwide interest, or just to persuade the target nation to do something. As Bangladesh is neither a rogue state nor a hazard to UnitedStates interests, the current UnitedStates sanction on Bangladesh, one of the most reliedon UnitedStates allies in South Asia, shocked political experts throughout the world.

Generally, when the UnitedStates enforces approves, the challenger states respond in method that intensify the scenario evenmore. As a friendly nation, how Bangladesh reacted to the UnitedStates sanction shouldhave analysis because it will assistance to comprehend how a UnitedStates ally responds to such sanctions, compared to the response of UnitedStates opponents.

Bangladesh’s Response

Initially, Bangladesh followed the diplomatic method to interact with the UnitedStates federalgovernment and discuss its position versus the claims. Diplomatic efforts, on the part of Bangladesh, were generally focused on convincing the UnitedStates federalgovernment by communicating the message that Bangladesh hasactually been misrepresented by vested groups. This is how Bangladesh distinguished itself from other nations on which the UnitedStates hasactually enforced sanctions. For example, North Korea, which has tended to fire fresh rockets in action to UnitedStates sanctions. Instead of accepting the criticism, rogue states respond adversely. But Bangladesh revealed a favorable mindset, and invited positive tips from the UnitedStates federalgovernment.

In action to human rights infractions, the Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh developed a human rights cell under the United Nations (UN) to appearance into human rights problems and abuses needing attention. In addition, the cell will present realities and figures worrying the human rights circumstance in Bangladesh priorto the global neighborhood. As it hasactually been developed under the UN, it can be anticipated that the scenario will be keptaneyeon effectively, with precise information being provided.

According to the Bangladesh federalgovernment, it has currently sentout information on the nation’ human rights circumstance and its development in saving those individuals who supposedly fell victim to imposed disappearances. The law enforcement companies of Bangladesh have likewise saved anumberof individuals discussed in the report. It was likewise argued that the federalgovernment is working non-stop to discover the location of the rest of the individuals.

US Reactions

Gregory W Meeks, the chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and an prominent US Congressman, in one of his speeches provided at fundraising luncheon function in New York, stated that there is no strategy on the part of the USA to enforce evenmore sanctions versus the security forces of Bangladesh. Also, Meeks hinted about particular vested groups who are highly lobbying  the Biden Administration to slap additional sanctions on Bangladeshi officers and politicalleaders. Though he plainly pointedout that he supports the Biden administration’s position on RAB, he likewise made it clear that wholesale sanction versus Bangladesh is presently baseless by the UnitedStates federalgovernment.

April 4, 2022 will mark the golden jubilee of US-Bangladesh relations. In order to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic ties, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken welcomed Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen to Washington. This likewise suggests that the Biden administration hasactually taken Bangladesh’s actions to the UnitedStates sanction in a favorable light. And the relations of these 2 nations stays undamaged and friendly as priorto.

Instead of responding like a rogue state, Bangladesh dealtwith the UnitedStates sanction on RAB expertly, with much focus on diplomatic maneuvers. The crisis might be dealtwith quickly, however Bangladesh needto decipher the concealed intention of Washington behind such sanction. What does the UnitedStates infact anticipate from Bangladesh? The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (QUAD), a tactical security discussion inbetween the United States, India, Japan and Australia, might be a appropriate problem to be thoughtabout in this context. Perhaps the UnitedStates is attempting to produce pressure on Bangladesh to signupwith its Indo-Pacific military pact to consistof China, in which case the Biden administration might slap extra sanctions in the future if Bangladesh stopsworking to fulfill UnitedStates expectations.

Bangladesh’s economy is now at the liftoff phase, with the possible of finishing from LDC status by 2026, and the nation aims to endedupbeing a established economy by2041 Considering Bangladesh’s financial conditions, the worldwide powers needto not include the nation into any geopolitical tug-of-war. Neither Bangladesh can overlook the UnitedStates and India nor China thinkingabout the present worldwide geopolitical circumstance. Also, it does not comply with Bangladesh’s stabilizing foreign policy which stresses “friendship towards all, malice towards none.” For now, Bangladesh has to guarantee neutrality and strike a fine diplomatic balance amongst the significant worldwide powers for its advancement discourse. Otherwise, the nation is going to face more sanctions which will getworse US-Bangladesh relations and eventually push Bangladesh towards the tactical orbit of China.

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