Households leading the way on growth — but will they keep it up in a grim 2022?

The economy is reliant on households running down their savings, but will inflation and international uncertainty end up crimping spending?

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Australia’s immediate economic future depends on the willingness of consumers to run down their savings, at a time of falling real wages and rising inflation.

Yesterday’s national accounts for the December quarter showed a bounce back from the lockdown-driven contraction in the September quarter last year, boosting GDP by 3.4% after a 1.9% slide in the September quarter, for a 4.2% growth rate for the year as a whole.

It’s all pretty historical stuff — but there are important points given the big question about when and how strongly the Reserve Bank will respond to inflation. In February, the RBA forecast 5% growth for 2021 and just over 4% for the year to December 2022.

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