HSL Management Europe KB Announces Increased Focus on Commodities

HSL Management Europe KB Announces Increased Focus on Commodities


HSL Management Europe KB has reported an increased focus on commodities from it’s retail clients.

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 14, 2022 / Canada-based financial services provider HSL Management Europe KB has today announced it would increase its focus on commodities investing, despite growing concerns over inflation and market volatility.

The increased commitment demonstrates how HSL Management Europe KB, one of Europe’s largest investment managers, is benefitting from the surging commodities market as supply constraints, geopolitical tensions, and a demand rebound push up prices.

Throughout 2022, consumers have struggled with increasing prices as the U.S. Federal Reserve has scrambled to adjust monetary policy with a sustained tightening to control inflationary pressures. In the meantime, HSL Management Europe KB traders have been betting on commodities, relying on the expectation that prices will continue to climb through the end of the year and potentially beyond that.

“Earlier this year, when economies recovered from lockdowns, and the Ukraine crisis impeded the supply of energy and raw materials, prices for oil, natural gas, metals, and grains surged. Commodities have been one of the few shining lights when it comes to asset classes, and according to our analysts, they could continue to strengthen throughout the remainder of the year,” said Nicholas Green, Director of Global Asset Management at HSL Management Europe KB.

According to HSL Management Europe KB, overblown fears over the likelihood of recession mean that investors currently have an enticing opportunity to enter the commodities arena.

“Our analysts view the risk of a recession in the next 12 months as relatively low. Therefore, we are increasing our commitment to a wider range of commodities investment initiatives to help drive long-term profitable growth for our clients,” said Alexander Bennett, Executive Vice President of Trading at HSL Management Europe KB.

Commodities have opened the fourth quarter in impressive style, with prices hitting their best performance since March. The weeks following will deliver a host of signals on the outlook over the remainder of the year and into 2023 before earnings season kicks out in full force.

About HSL Management Europe KB

HSL Management Europe KB is a multinational investment management and financial services company. Our mission is to create a better financial growth experience fit for a world where digital interactions perfectly combine with human nuances to achieve something incredible.

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Name: Mr. Nicholas Hennessy – Director of Market Research
Email: [email protected]
Organization: HSL Management Europe KB
Address: TD Canada Trust Tower, 27F 161 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Phone: 1 647 846 6280
Website: https://hslmanagement.com/

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