Inflation: Pure water price rises to N20 per sachet

The price of sachet water, commonly known as ‘pure water’ has doubled across most states in the country, selling at a minimum of N20 per sachet from N10 recorded earlier in the year.

This is based on a recent survey carried out by Nairametrics Research across some states in the country. Specifically, a 20 pieces bag of sachet water rose by 100% to sell for a minimum of N200 wholesale price, compared to an initial average of N100 per bag, while a sachet now sells for N20.

Nigerians have had to reluctantly accept the price increase, considering it is the most popular and convenient source of drinking water in most areas of Nigeria. Several households also use it as their major source of drinking water in their homes.

The increase in the price of pure water is coming at a time when Nigerians are grappling with drooping effect of increased inflationary pressure from almost all fronts, with cost of food items continually moving up, transportation cost also surging on the back of sustained fuel scarcity in the country.

The recent increase in the price of sachet water indicates a 300% compared to N5 recorded before the covid-19 lockdown in 2020. The price increase has now spread across major states in Nigeria, with Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Kwara, Imo States amongst others already selling a sachet of pure water for N20.

What they are saying

According to Mr. Alex, a manager of a sachet water company in Ogun State, he explained to Nairametrics that the union agreed to increase the price of sachet water to reflect changes in the prices of production materials in the country.

“The price of materials has surged, and it has affected our ability to even record profits, as a bag of sachet water at N100 is really below production cost,” he said.

In the same direction, Mrs Jane, a pure water seller in Abuja stated that the price increase commenced immediately after the strike action embarked on in September 2021, which resulted to a 100% increase in the wholesale price from N100 to N200 per bag.

Consequently, the price of a sachet of pure water moved from N10 to N20 per sachet, while some traders sell for a discounted rate of three sachet for N50.

Back story

Water Producers Association of Nigeria (WAPAN) stated in November of 2021 that the price of ‘pure water’ could rise from N20 to about N50 per sachet if the federal government implements the proposed Excise Duty on carbonated beverages.

The statement was following the move of the House of Representatives Committee on Finance to amend the Finance Act to include levies on all carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

What this means

While Nigerians are still dealing the weakening effect of surging inflationary pressure as a result of high cost of food items, transport cost and other related issues, they will have to make provision to buy sachet water for double the price, hereby eroding their purchasing power further.

Sachet water, which has in time past been an easy-to-get item, before now with N20, a customer would be able to buy four sachets of water, however, can now only get 25% of its initial value in just less than two years.

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