Linda’s pastryshop holds its hand on bread costs


FILE PHOTO: Linda's Bakery, Park Street, Port of Spain. -
FILE PHOTO: Linda’s Bakery, Park Street, Port of Spain. –

ONE bread and pastry franchise continues to preserve the rate on its products amidst the increasing expense of food and other products.

Owner of Linda’s Bakery Peter George stated its management, after nearly 6 weeks of talks, was able to develop a strategy to keep costs and quality.

He stated from the time flour rates increased, management had to discover methods to “raise hell to keep rates down.”

“What emerged was a unique collective plan with stakeholders, from senior management, directors, propertymanagers, suppliers and providers working together to merely do whatever was needed to preserve bread costs in the public interest.

“It was not easy, needing the cooperation and dedication of so lotsof stakeholders. Each, in turn, made a monetary sacrifice so that the customers would not have to be evenmore strained by an boost in the rate of such a staple as bread.”

George stated it was done willingly through income contributions, a lease cut, or a expense decrease throughout the Linda’s chain.

“While it will still mean that Linda’s, as a bread maker, would take a minimized however substantial hit each month to their bottom line, we concurred that bread is a staple that the average family needto have and to take bread from the mouths of a population still reeling from the impacts of the pandemic would be something we simply couldn’t live with at this point.

George stated the pastryshop utilized 523 workers who were proud of their contributions in guaranteeing no one was put “below the breadline.”

“We were overwhelmed by the method everybody had no doubt in cracking in to aid. It goes to show that there is a fund of goodwill upon which we can all draw when we work together for the higher great.”

In December, state-owned business National Flour Mills (NFM) raised flour cost inbetween 15 per cent and 22 per cent, with a recommended boost averaging 19 per cent on the retail rates.

Nutrimix, the county’s 2nd biggest provider likewise increased costs up to 20 per cent on its items.

Soon after Kiss Baking Co, in January followed fit and raised rates on some of its items varying from $1-$1.25.

The Ukraine-Russia war hasactually affected the international wheat costs, in which both nations account for approximately 30 per cent of the worldwide wheat export market.

Given this advancement, NFM stated it might be required to boost the costs of flour onceagain.

George stated through a WhatsApp voice note that if this was the case then their prices structure would have to be reviewed.

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