Lithium technology competition heats up as companies seize on new opportunities

Johnson Matthey LFP batteries. (Credit: Johnson Matthey).

Lithium technology companies are jostling for a foot in the door of the rapidly accelerating North American integrated battery metals supply chain, whether becoming a battery precursor material manufacturer or a potentially disruptive lithium direct extraction tech provider.

Vancouver-based Nano One Materials Corp (TSX: NANO; US-OTC: NNOMF) on May 25 announced the acquisition of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cathode material maker Johnson Matthey Battery Materials Canada for C$10.25 million ($8m).

The acquisition includes the team, facilities, equipment, land and other assets, with the team together contributing more than 360 years of scale-up and commercial production know-how.

Notably, the facility includes a 2,400 tonne per year LFP plant in Candiac, Quebec.

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