Mining People: Athabasca Minerals, Moneta Gold, Talmine Resources, Treasury Metals

Management appointments announced this week:

Athabasca Minerals announced the resignation of CEO Robert Beekhuizen. Dana Archibald will replace him on an interim basis.

Christopher Hopkins assumed the role of interim CFO at EDM Resources.

Moneta Gold appointed Jason Dankowski as VP technical services and geology, Gerry Rogers as VP projects, and Stephen McGinn as director of field operations.

Newfoundland Discovery appointed Brandon Schwabe as CFO.

Richard Graham replaced Murray Sinclair as president and CEO of Talmine Resources.

Michael Rosatelli resigned as VP exploration of Val-d’Or Mining. His replacement will be Scott Jobin-Bevans.

Board moves include:

Robert Beekhuizen resigned as a director of Athabasca Minerals.

Avino Silver & Gold Mines appointed Peter Bojtos as chairman.

Kim Keating is the new chair at Major Drilling Group International.

Prismo Metals added Louis Doyle to its board.

Juan Carlos Ortiz became a director of Silver Mountain Resources.

StraightUp Resources appointed Matthew Markin as executive chairman and director.

Talmine Resources appointed Richard Graham as a director.

Treasury Metals welcomed two new board additions: Margot Naudie and Paul McRae.

Tudor Gold founder and chairman Walter Storm passed away.

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