Nio Stock Crash – 5 Best Cryptocurrency Alternatives

Nio Stock Crash – 5 Best Cryptocurrency Alternatives

Since reaching their all-time highs in November 2021, Bitcoin and the larger crypto market have been in a downward trend, and the stock market has also been bearish since 2022.

NIO has a lot of potentials, but the stock that crashed already contains much of that potential. The market values NIO at over $90 billion, more than 30 times sales. For a company that shipped 43,728 vehicles throughout the entire year of 2020, that’s pretty negative.

Although it is possible that NIO will quickly reach that valuation, investors buying it in today’s time need to understand that it is not a given. Knowing that the size of the blockchain technology market rests at 1.2 billion USD worldwide, we will discuss the top 5 cryptocurrency alternatives investors should know of.

What Happened to Nio?

According to information provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence, hot electric vehicle (EV) stock Nio (Nio -6.84%) lost steam in December and fell 19% throughout the month. On the first day of December, Nio allayed a significant investor worry. Later, Nio hosted an impressive annual day event that gave holders of the EV stock plenty to look forward to.

The stock, however, lost steam as investors tried to predict how macroeconomic worries and fiercer competition in Nio’s home market might affect the EV maker’s prospects. When Nio revealed a 27.5% decrease in vehicle deliveries for the month of October in November, at a time when competitors’ sales were on the rise, Nio dropped a bomb.

Although Nio primarily attributed the decrease in production to the upgrade of its production lines prior to the introduction of new products, the market grew concerned and began to speculate that Nio was unable to manage supply constraints.

Top 5 Alternatives of Nio in 2022

Finding the best cryptocurrency to buy during this dip can be difficult, given the thousands of projects that are currently active in this market. 

The best strategy for the current bear market may be to build a diverse portfolio of high-quality projects, both new and old, that have the best chance of remaining relevant once the industry recovers.

We examine the top five cryptocurrencies to purchase during the crash in more detail below.


Although IMPT is a new cryptocurrency, this hasn’t stopped it from being considered one of the coins that will go boom next. The cryptocurrency is one of the best to invest in, even though it hasn’t yet received widespread community support due to its distinctive use case.

Blockchain technology was employed by the IMPT project to address the problem of carbon emissions. The initiative makes it easier to issue carbon credits while enabling users to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Because it utilizes blockchain technology to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions, IMPT is a green cryptocurrency. Due to this capability, it is the perfect coin for environmentally conscious investors to purchase. Given its potential, IMPT may experience a 50x increase in the upcoming months.

Compared to solar coins and power ledgers, IMPT is a better investment. In comparison to most proof-of-stake coins, it is also more environmentally friendly.

impt hq

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Pre-sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs) frequently show to be somewhat bear proof if the rest of the market is struggling, which is one of the main reasons Tamadoge is a buy now.

There are many reasons why we believe that this is superior to prices that have fallen from their peak in 2021: the project has just begun and is anticipated to experience rapid expansion.

First of all, in contrast to competing meme coins, Tamadoge offers rewards and utility. Second, the platform burns 5% of all tokens used on the platform, reducing its 2 billion total supply.

The Tamadoge project will continue to expand. One of its products for expansion consists of listings on exchanges like LBank and UniSwap. This will increase the coin’s exposure by making it available to more investors.

Investors should move quickly because a limited supply of TAMA coins will be available after the majority of coins have been sold out, and many others have burned automatically.


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3. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is the next cryptocurrency on our list of the best ones to purchase during the crash. This cryptocurrency project is still relatively new to the market, not the least, because its LBLOCK token was only introduced in January 2022.

In a nutshell, Lucky Block is a cryptocurrency gaming hub with a focus on giveaways. Every Friday, the main draw offers ticket holders the chance to win prizes. Up to $50,000 can be won in the main prize draw, and the winnings are given out in LBLOCK tokens.

Users must purchase a ticket, which costs just $1, in order to enter the Lucky Block drawing. Five tickets must be purchased as a minimum. One complimentary entry into the drawing is available to those who have LBLOCK tokens worth at least $500.

lucky block

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4. XRP

XRP is a different cryptocurrency project that is certain to be relevant both during and after the current bear market. The proprietary technology that enables banks and other financial institutions to conduct international business is housed in this project, which was first established back in 2012.

In actuality, XRP has totally transformed the multi-trillion dollar interbank market. This is due to the fact that XRP network transactions are processed in under ten seconds. This is remarkably faster than legacy networks like SWIFT, which typically take 1-3 working days. 

Moreover, XRP transactions are incredibly cheap in comparison to SWIFT. No matter the sender or receiver’s location or the currency being used, the cost of each transaction averaged just $0.02.

ripple price prediction

5. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is another of the best cryptocurrencies to purchase at a discount. Battle Infinity, to put it briefly, is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency game that allows users to play NFT based games and earn.

Users will look to assemble a fantasy team of their favorite players in any sport, including baseball, basketball, football, and cricket.

The number of cryptocurrency rewards that a Battle Infinity user will earn will depend on how well each player performs in actual games. We really appreciate how this project combines the metaverse with its play-to-earn game.

Battle Infinity

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This market insight has investigated and ranked the top cryptocurrency coins to buy amid the current economic crisis affecting both traditional markets and the cryptocurrency markets. Since every cryptocurrency project is different from the one before it, there is a great chance to diversify your portfolio of expensive tokens while spending less money.

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