Santander Launches Loans Backed by Agriculture Commodities-Based Tokens


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Santander Launches Loans Backed by Agriculture Commodities-Based Tokens


Santander, a international Spanish bank, has announced that it will concern loans in Argentina protected by farming commodities-based cryptocurrency.

Santander has teamed with Agrotoken to offer these loans to the farming sector. The Ethereum, Algorand, and Polygon networks will be utilized to develop the facilities.

How does Santander’s brand-new cooperation work?

Each token will represent a load of grain that hasactually been kept. SOYA will stand for soy, CORA will stand for corn, and WHEA will stand for wheat. According to Reuters, Argentina’s inflation hit a nine-month high in January. The product’s rate will figureout the brand-new tokens’ worth in UnitedStates dollars.

Farmers might conserve these tokens in their digital wallets, readilyavailable on both PC and mobile gadgets. They might likewise trade them for crops, autos, equipment, fuel, services, and other products. They might now usage them as a kind of security for loans.

Every load is confirmed through a PoGR (“Proof of Grain Reserve”) network. PoGR is marketed as a decentralized, transparent, and safeandsecure system. It has a multichain facilities that makes usage of anumberof networks innovations.

Argentina will be the testbed for the speculative task, amountingto $225 million. Ana Botn, President of the Santander Group, revealed the financialinvestment at the end of 2021 however did not state what it was for.

Fernando Bautista, Santander Argentina’s Head of Agribusiness, stated the innovation exposes brand-new potentialcustomers in the farming market.

“We rely on innovation and imagination to establish ingenious company services that make life easier for farming farmers and widen their capacity.”

Eduardo Novillo Astrada, co-founder and CEO of Agrotoken, included his 2 cents:

“This is the veryfirst time in the world that farming products such as soybeans, corn, and wheat haveactually been utilized to back loans.”

They stated that blockchain innovation would enhance the effectiveness of farming fruitandvegetables storage. It’s likewise the veryfirst time crypto possessions based on farm items haveactually been ensured.

This choice certainly is an outstanding effort by Santander, which will assistance out lotsof farmers. Implementing blockchain innovation is one method to ease and fasten up numerous procedures. It likewise leads to international adoption and development.

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