Singapore startup launches hard crypto wallet to secure assets

Singapore startup launches hard crypto wallet to secure assets

A Singapore tech startup has introduced a security device designed to make crypto users less vulnerable to hackers.

Cryptography-based security startup UKISS Technology’s Hugware is a pocket-sized crypto hardware wallet that stores the passwords needed to access one’s digital assets without relying on their memory.

The UKISS Hugware, which retails for US$139 (S$193), is for those who tend to forget or lose their seed phrase, aka the mnemonic phrase used to access their cryptocurrency wallet. 

Each Hugware comes in a pair: the Authentication Key (A-Key) used to manage crypto assets, and the Rescue Key (R-Key) for backup.

It helps generate and store private keys, which are similar to passwords, to encrypt and decrypt data while enabling backups when paired with a device. That way, people don’t have to memorize long passwords and the data is shielded from phishing or theft.

The startup said it has tested the wallet among major FinTech players, leading health care providers, and enterprises in the past decade. 

It comes with USB and USB-C connectors and a five-year warranty.

The system is programmed to lock the device after 10 failed logins for added security.

In case anyone is still buying them, UKISS also minted an NFT collection of character illustrations by local artist Pras The Bandit, who was inspired by his family and cat in a post-apocalyptic world.

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