The Sound of Electric Cars, and Elizabeth Kolbert on a Historic Climate Bill

The Sound of Electric Cars, and Elizabeth Kolbert on a Historic Climate Bill

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The Inflation Reduction Act now before Congress is being celebrated as the most important piece of climate legislation in the history of this country—which is “a pretty low bar,” the staff writer Elizabeth Kolbert tells David Remnick, “because they’ve never really passed a piece of legislation on climate change.” The staff writer John Seabrook looks at how companies are designing the soundscape for the cars of the future, since the near-silence of E.V.s is hazardous. We look at how pro-choice messaging in Kansas borrowed a classic conservative theme to deliver a surprise victory for reproductive choice. Plus: the newly appointed Poet Laureate Ada Limón on racehorses, and why she loves the fillies best.

Elizabeth Kolbert on a Historic Climate Bill

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While the Inflation Reduction Act is a huge political victory for Democrats, there’s an equally huge question surrounding this bill: Will it help save the planet?

Designing a Soundscape for the Cars of the Future

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Electric vehicles are nearly silent—which presents dangers for pedestrians and others. John Seabrook looks at how sound designers are creating new sounds to fill the void.

A Lesson from Kansas on How to Sell Abortion Rights

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How did abortion-rights supporters persuade a majority of Kansans to back their cause? Peter Slevin takes a close look at the messaging.

Ada Limón’s Day at the Racetrack

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The poet Ada Limón, who lives in Kentucky, was recently named the U.S. Poet Laureate. She took the Radio Hour to her favorite racetrack, and spoke about her lifelong love of horses.

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