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4 Minute Read - Dec 15, 2022


Every twenty years or so, a step-change in technology happens. This is that moment.

VERSES Technologies is a leading AI company that is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and thrive. With the development of KOSM, the world’s first AI operating system, VERSES has created a groundbreaking platform that allows for seamless integration with legacy systems and the development of intelligent AI applications without the need for custom programming or APIs.

As a proof of concept, the company has successfully demonstrated the potential of KOSM with the WAYFINDER AI Assisted Order Picking app, which has already increased productivity by 35%+ in the supply chain and warehousing sector. In addition to its commercial success, VERSES has also attracted some of the largest organizations in the world as customers and partners, and its underlying protocols have been recognized as a Public Imperative by the IEEE.

KOSM - The World’s first network operating system for distributed intelligence.

KOSM is the flagship offering from VERSES Technologies, a cognitive computing company specializing in the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). KOSM is a network operating system for enhancing distributed intelligence. It is modeled after natural systems and the design principles of the human brain and the human experience. Built on open standards, KOSM transforms disparate data into a universal context that fosters trustworthy collaboration between humans, machines, and AI, across digital and physical systems. KOSM allows for the creation of AI applications without the need to learn a new language, and can seamlessly integrate with legacy systems. It is the world’s first AI operating system for distributed intelligence.

WAYFINDER AI - Successful proof of concept

Beyond their first major client, they have paid pilots and expect incoming multi-year contracts from a laundry list of marquee Fortune 500 and Global 1,000 clients.

VERSES Technologies is on a similar trajectory to Amazon, starting with one of the simplest things – moving boxes around warehouses more efficiently. Approximately 92% of global warehouses are not automated and rely on human workers for their operations. It can take an 8-figure investment to automate a warehouse and even then, the full scope of ROI may not be known for years. Additionally, such systems are siloed and not interoperable with other robotics systems, requiring continued investment just to “keep up”.

VERSES has attracted some of the biggest names in business and its first client, NRI, is a warehouse group with 18 facilities across Canada and the US that does approximately $100M in annual sales and makes about $8M profit per year. VERSES has deployed its Wayfinder application in 15 of their locations and has nearly doubled the efficiency of NRI’s warehouses, resulting in an average of $8M of annual savings and VERSES receiving approximately $2.5M per year for their work, for a decade. Employee satisfaction has also increased and both training time and turnover are lower.

Its partnership with Blue Yonder, a company specializing in digital supply chain and omnichannel commerce fulfillment. This partnership allows VERSES to equip warehouses and distribution centers with its adaptive intelligence and Spatial Twin management applications, which are designed to generate a unified real-time world model to better simulate and orchestrate workflow optimization, verifiable traceability, and intelligent automation. With persistent challenges facing global supply chains, companies are looking for technology solutions to help navigate this era of unpredictability. By deploying adaptive intelligence and corresponding Spatial Twin applications, supply chain companies can deploy intelligent capabilities routing, slotting, and capacity.


Is the "Spatial" web the next definition of Web 3.0?

There is a reason that over 100 companies are lined up to work with VERSES, including many Fortune 500 and Global 1,000 companies. VERSES cracked the code for logistics and, in our view, will be a key part of solving the world’s supply chain crisis. Based on the “Green Grass” of what VERSES logistics is doing, this has incredible potential and we believe the next 6-12 months will demonstrate that potential as they convert pilots to contracts, and bring on integration partners and resellers who will begin to scale them to the equivalent of hundreds, then thousands of companies like NRI.

2022 Industry Partnerships and Recognition

All this and more to come as we close out the year, imagine what 2023 has in store as they start to convert Pilot Programs and onboard Blue Yonder customers. 

Invest in the future of AI and spatial computing

Investing in the future of AI and spatial computing with VERSES Technologies offers a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of a technological revolution. With the development of KOSM, the world’s first AI operating system for distributed intelligence, VERSES has created a groundbreaking platform that allows for seamless integration with legacy systems and the development of intelligent AI applications without the need for custom programming or APIs.

VERSES has already attracted some of the largest organizations in the world as customers and partners. As a result, the company is well-positioned to become a global leader in the field of AI and spatial computing. Excellent opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of technology.



Karl Friston is a renowned theoretical neuroscientist and leading authority on brain imaging. He is known for his work on the concept of active inference, which proposes that the brain is an inference engine that actively predicts sensory inputs based on prior beliefs and the minimization of surprise. Friston’s work has been influential in the field of AI and has helped to advance our understanding of the brain and its processes.

In addition to his research, Friston is also a prominent figure in the field of AI and is often sought out for his insights and expertise. He has been interviewed by numerous outlets, including Wired magazine, which featured him in an article titled “The Genius Neuroscientist Who Might Hold the Key to True AI”. Friston’s work and ideas have helped to shape the field of AI and continue to be a major influence in the field.

 Gabriel René is a technologist, entrepreneur, and author with over 25 years of experience in the technology, telecom, and media industries. He specializes in emerging technologies such as AR/VR/AI/IoT/DLT and their applications for industries such as industrial, fintech, and govtech. René has worked with and advised many Fortune 500 companies, including Verizon, Sony, Intel, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Yahoo.

In addition to his work as a deep technology pioneer, René is also the Executive Director of the Spatial Web Foundation, an organization dedicated to developing standards for the ethical interoperability of spatial technologies. René is dedicated to promoting the ethical, interoperable, and equitable adoption of spatial technologies across every major industry.

Dan Mapes is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience at the intersection of internet technology and entertainment. As an entrepreneur, inventor, and investor, Mapes has a deep understanding of a wide range of technologies, including gaming, virtual reality, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. He is a consultant to both startups and large corporations and has made investments in multiple companies where he often serves as an active advisor or board member.

In addition to his commercial work, Mapes has also led projects with organizations such as the UN, UNDP, UNESCO, and the Nobel Committee. He has been a technology advisor to the governments of China, Brazil, Chile, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, and has worked as a New Media consultant for companies such as Apple, Intel, and Shanghai Media. Mapes is known for his ability to bridge the gap between technology and entertainment and his expertise in global diplomacy.

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