Why is it when I get in a more serious relationship with a women my medical cannabis oil becomes a problem? What’s the stigma? Im successful and take care of myself..?

Advice from some Women would be great but I’m open to all.

UPDATE: I appreciate everyone opinion it help me see things from a whole lotta perspectives. I live in a religious town so when we we’re just hooking up and sleeping together she told me she didn’t care if I smoked. But now she caught feelings she wants to bring me around her family and they don’t approve of marijuana use and there no convincing them so I understand her point and she just wants me to look good in-front of her family I told her I wouldn’t smoke around them or at in appropriate times but I won’t stop I told her and we came to an agreement. We will see how things go if it becomes a problem again I’ll end things immediately no point in wasting each other time. Thanks everyone!

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