Courtney Clenney’s Lawyer ‘Shocked’ at OnlyFans Model’s Arrest

Courtney Clenney’s Lawyer ‘Shocked’ at OnlyFans Model’s Arrest

OnlyFans and Instagram model Courtney Clenney has been charged with the murder of her boyfriend, who was fatally stabbed on April 3 in a bloody fight which police at the time had ruled as self-defense.

The 25-year-old Florida model, who was known online as Courtney Taylor, was taken into custody on Wednesday in Hawaii, where she was in rehabilitation for substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, according to the Miami Herald.

She’s been charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon for the stabbing of her boyfriend Christian “Toby” Obumseli, four months after Miami investigators started looking into the case.

Details on her arrest are expected to be revealed by State Attorney Katherine Fernandez, along with City Police Chief Manuel Morales and South Florida U.S. Marshal Gadyaces Serralta at a press conference on Thursday afternoon.

Newsweek has contacted the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office for comment.

Courtney Clenney OnlyFans
Courtney Clenney, 25, was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend Christian Obumseli on April 3.
Hawaii Police

Clenney herself reported Obumseli’s death on the evening of April 3, when she called 911 saying that her boyfriend of less than two years had been stabbed.

Obumseli, a 27-year-old cryptocurrency investor, was then taken to a local hospital but died from a stab wound to the chest.

At the time of the incident, the two had been living together at the One Paraiso building, 3131 NE 7th Avenue in Miami for only a few months after moving from Austin, Texas, but there had reportedly been numerous incidents between the couple.

According to the Miami Herald, police had responded to a domestic disturbance call involving Clenney and Obumseli two days before the stabbing.

The charge against Clenney reportedly came as a surprise to her defense lawyer, who told the Miami Herald he was “completely shocked” that investigators have moved to arrest the model, despite her cooperation into the investigation.

“We look forward to clearing her name in court,” Frank Prieto told the Florida newspaper. Clenney’s defense attorney has until now insisted that the model acted in self-defense and the fatal stabbing of Obumseli should not be considered murder.

But Obumseli’s family has always opposed this theory, saying Clenney received preferential treatment because she was a white woman and he was a Black man.

“I believe that if she was Black, she would have been arrested and [police would have] let the process play itself out,” Obumseli’s cousin Karen Egbuna said at a press conference five days after the stabbing. “But since she was treated with privilege, she has not been arrested.”

“The bottom line is inextricably clear: Courtney is being treated differently because of her privilege as a wealthy White woman,” Obumseli’s brother Jeffrey Obumseli wrote on Instagram, as reported by Fox News.

“Within 24 hours following Toby’s death, the detective on the case prematurely concluded this was not a crime of violence.”

Prieto refuted this theory, saying privilege played no part in the investigation, while Clenney’s defense was founded in the evidence of the couple’s tumultuous relationship.

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