Thought Leaders

Carl T. Delfeld
Author & Financial Advisor

Carl Delfeld is president of the Economic Security Council and managing partner of Blackthread LLC, an Asia risk management firm. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia and has three decades of experience in Asia, finance, politics and foreign affairs including:

  • Columnist, Forbes Asia
  • U.S. Representative, Asian Development Bank
  • Asia Advisor, US Treasury & US Congress
  • Asia Director, Robert W. Baird & Company
  • Co-founder, Pacific Holdings
  • Author, Red, White & Bold: The New American Century
  • The New Global Investor, The China Skeptic
  • Author of Red, White and Bold: The New American Century
  • Author of Power Rivals: America and China's Superpower Struggle

  • Read Carls new book Power Rivals today

    Brayden Sutton
    Author & Venture Capitalist

    Brayden Sutton learned portfolio management the hard way. Like many traders, at first he was in it strictly for the money. But after ten years of making money and losing it, learning and growing, Sutton gained what he was lacking in his life: autonomy. Now, he’s helping others learn the financial lessons he’s learned, starting with the mental framework necessary for success in trading and life. In his book Money Mind, Sutton shares his journey, along with strategies for creating independence and the tools to maintain it. A distinguished figure in the cannabis industry with over 20 years of practical experience with the plant. He launched in 2008 and served as the Executive Vice President for Supreme Cannabis and the Director of Business Development for Aurora Cannabis. Brayden brings a rich history of new and valuable product offerings, has raised over $100 million for the sector, and focuses exclusively on British Columbia’s thriving, legal cannabis industry.

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    Kai Hoffmann
    Soar Financial Partners

    Kai has over 10 years experience as a consultant in the capital markets, with a particular focus on the mining industry. He has worked with over 100 companies over the past 10 years. During his career he has advised clients on corporate finance matter and written a wide-reaching financial newsletter, “Das Investor Magazin”. He is also CEO of Vancouver based Oreninc, a data mining company, tracking the financing activity of mining companies on TSX,TSX-V and CSE.

    Craig Nicol
    Graphene Manufacturing Group

    Craig Nicol is a Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Graphene Manufacturing Group. Craig Nicol has a career of over 20 years in delivering large scale innovation including leading multi billion dollar gas and LNG value chains in Australia and Asia Pacific and managing sales and marketing teams across Asia Pacific working for ShellInternational. Craig has a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Manufacturing Systems (Honours) and a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing from the Queensland University of Technology. Craig is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and is also a Director of the Australian Graphene Industry Association (AGIA).

    Alim Abdulla
    Senior Investment Advisor at Leede Jones Gable

    Alim Abdulla is an Investment Advisor at Leede Jones Gable, an equity holder in the firm and is a co-founder of the Trading Analytics Group (TAG). He has been with Leede for eighteen years and began his career in the Financial Industry a year prior at Canaccord Capital. Alim considers himself to be an Active Risk Manager focused on long/short global macro portfolios and venture capital financing.

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