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Equity Guru

At Equity Guru we started our company in 2015 with a sincere belief that the markets were about to be taken over by a new generation of investors. With sectors like blockchain, cannabis, cryptocurrency, biotech, green energy, technology, battery metals and, more recently, psychedelics, e-sports, and online gambling in the crosshairs, we began talking to a younger audience, introducing them to the potential of the markets, and focusing on a niche we were certain would one day soon be the majority. With a no-holds-barred attitude, devotion to protecting the bottom line of our audience and being honest about our client companies, even if it hurts a business relationship, Equity Guru’s reputation exists on a plane no others can match.

Investor Ideas

News that Inspires Big Investing Ideas Investorideas.com has been online for over 25 years and is a source you can trust and believe in... We follow the money for investors as sector sentiment shifts and technology disrupts. Our mission is to help find great investor ideas with breaking news, articles, daily podcasts and interviews with leading experts. We are not afraid to cover controversial or out of the box topics, since that is where some of the best investing ideas come from. Investor Idea's original branded content includes great podcasts in the most talked about sectors: Crypto Corner, Play by Play sports and stock news column, Investor Ideas Podcasts Cannabis News and Stocks on the Move podcast and column, Cleantech and Climate Change, Exploring Mining Podcast, the AI Eye Podcast and Betting on Gaming Podcast.

Soar Financial

Soar Financial is an international corporate communications firm focused on the junior mining industry. With offices in Vancouver, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany, we are close to our clients and the investment community. Our services are centred around introducing our clients to the most suitable audience, being it investors (small retail to large funds), newsletter writers, influencers and journalists. Soar Financial coordinates road shows in North America and Europe, hosts worldwide site visits with opinion-forming journalists and quality investors and acts as an extension of the team for our clients by finding new ways to create value and recognition within the sector.

Greenshoe Media

Greenshoe Media are a full-service media agency specializing in creative production, strategic communication, and content marketing solutions. Our understanding of how to design and build an investment audience both traditional and digital is second to none. Bottom-line, our goal is to introduce your company to a highly targeted investment audience across proven marketing and advertising channels.

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As we bear witness to the Digital Transformation of our world and cross the threshold into the Web 3.0 era, we face some extraordinary choices with serious and wide-ranging implications.

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