Duterte: Ukraine crisis a ‘stupid’ war


Alexis Romero – The Philippine Star

March 23, 2022 | 12: 00am

In his pre-recorded public address aired theotherday, Duterte stated the dispute in Ukraine hasactually impacted oil supply, which in turn would cause challenges amongst Filipinos.

Presidential Photo / Simeon Celi, Jr.

MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte hasactually called for an end to what he explained as a “stupid war” inbetween Russia and Ukraine as he cautioned that the rates of oil items and other products would evenmore increase if the dispute drags on.

In his pre-recorded public address aired theotherday, Duterte stated the dispute in Ukraine hasactually impacted oil supply, which in turn would cause challenges amongst Filipinos.

“There is inflation allover because there is a dispute. And you invest more than what you can actually payfor would spell (a greater) inflation for everyone. We have to watch the international market aspects and I hope that this war, I stated I called it a ‘stupid war,’ they oughtto stop it,” the President stated.

“For as long as this…quarrel will stretch, matagal pa matapos, hirap na hirap tayo (it’s far from over, we’re suffering a lot),” he included. “Oil is whatever.”

According to the site of the International Energy Agency, Russia is the world’s biggest exporter of oil to worldwide markets. The nation exported 7.8 million barrels of oil per day last December, the company stated.

“They (Ukraine and Russia) are battling, it hasactually impacted whatever, the supply of oil, it would be challenging if the need is high and the supply (is restricted),” the President stated.

“For those oil-producing nations, if they do not boost the output of their oil, there (would) be a crisis onceagain…since they enforced sanctions on Russia,” he included.

Duterte remembered that when he was young, gas had to be allocated duetothefactthat of restricted supply, a situation that he stated might takeplace onceagain.

He included that members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries chose to decrease their output at that time due to “politics.”

“So there was a time when all individuals were provided vouchers to buy gas and it was restricted…We may reach that circumstance. I hope it will not lower the oil (supply) since there is war,” he stated.

Duterte encouraged the public to flight buses or trains as vehicle owners are most impacted by fuel cost walkings.

“You muchbetter discover to practice now to trip the MRT, LRT since that is – that would be the single practical relocation – to usage to relocation individuals from one location to another, or from one point to another,” he stated.

Duterte, who formerly explained Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “personal buddy,” restated that the Philippines would stay neutral on the Ukraine crisis.

“Let us not stepin for now because Russia and America have numerous possessions in the sea. They are simply there. There are about more than 800 submarines roaming around, consistingof (in) our nation,” he stated in Filipino.

“And for as long as they do not intrude into the 12-mile limitation, maybe we won’t have any issue. But we understand that they are here and allover. That is how the world runs today, specifically at this minute.”

A overall of 330 Filipinos haveactually been repatriated from Ukraine as of Monday, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) stated.

A Filipina and her Ukrainian hubby gothere in Manila on Friday. The couple from Odessa were amongst those who crossed the Moldovan border helped by the Philippine honorary consulate in Chisinau.

Since Feb. 24 when Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine started, more than 10 million individuals haveactually been required from their houses – or almost a quarter of the population of Ukraine. – Pia Lee-Brago

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