McDermott Wins Pre-FEED Deal For Woodside’s Proposed H2Perth Project


© Supplied by ShutterstockWoodside is planning H2Perth

Woodside is planning H2Perth

McDermott International has been awarded a pre-front-end engineering design (Pre-FEED) contract from Woodside Energy (ASX:WDS) for the proposed H2Perth project in Western Australia.

Under the contract scope McDermott will provide pre-FEED services for a proposed export-scale production facility for renewable and lower-carbon hydrogen and ammonia. Hydrogen will be produced using electrolysis technologies and natural gas reforming with carbon emissions abated or offset.

“This award follows the successful completion of the concept study on H2Perth and decades of experience executing both onshore and offshore projects for Woodside Energy,” said Tareq Kawash, Senior Vice President, Onshore of McDermott. “We are pleased to continue supporting Woodside’s energy transition opportunities and are mutually aligned on the importance of driving lower-carbon energy to advance Australia’s vision as a global leader in clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen production.”

Woodside eyes first mover advantage in North Asian hydrogen markets

Work on the project will be executed from McDermott’s office in Perth, Australia, and its engineering centre of excellence in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Last October, Woodside (ASX:WPL) unveiled plans for a A$1 billion ($748 million) hydrogen export plant south of Perth that is designed to export low carbon energy overseas and boost renewable energy supplies in Western Australia.

The proposed plant, dubbed H2Perth, targets making up to 1500 tonnes of hydrogen every day to export in the form of ammonia and liquid hydrogen. Construction is planned to start in 2024 at the phased project that will be supported by the Western Australian government.

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