Mining People: Benchmark Metals, Endeavour Silver, Filo Mining, Montage Gold

Management appointments announced this week:

Argonaut Gold named Chuck Hennessey as VP, Canadian operations.

Athabasca Minerals appointed Dana Archibald as its permanent CEO.

Chelsea Sheridan is the new company secretary of Austral Gold.

Colibri Resource appointed Camilla Cormier as CFO, replacing Brian Crawford.

Peter Copetti resigned as CEO of Enerev5 Metals.

Filo Mining appointed Ian Gibbs as CFO and Arndt Brettschneider as VP, operations and projects.

First Quantum Minerals appointed Ryan MacWilliam as CFO and Rudi Badenhorst as COO.

Mark Laycock replaced Tony Ricci as CFO of Kodiak Copper.

Level 14 Ventures appointed Elsiario Antunez de Mayolo as country manager (Peru), Julio Casteneda as chief geologist and Craig Rollins as corporate secretary.

Montage Gold named Richard Clark CEO.

O3 Mining appointed Elijah Tyshynski as CFO, replacing Blair Zaritsky.

Orea Mining announced the departure of president and CEO Rock Lefrançois.

PPX Mining CEO Brian Maher resigned. John Thomas will serve as interim CEO.

Amanda Kasner resigned as CFO of RJK Explorations. She is replaced by Marco Guidi.

Spruce Ridge Resources CFO Robert Suttie resigned. His replacement is Ashley Nadon.

Board moves include:

Alexandria Marcotte joined the board of Angel Wing Metals.

Battery Mineral Resources added Julia Aspillaga Rodriguez to its board.

Sean Mager and Michael Dufresne resigned as directors of Benchmark Metals. They are replaced by Keith Peck and Peter Gundy.

Cerro Grande Mining director William Hill passed away, and Matthew Thomson joined its board.

Endeavour Silver appointed Rex McLennan as chairman of the board.

Enerev5 Metals executive chairman Peter Copetti stepped down.

Peter D’Jay joined Joshua Gold Resources as an independent director.

Level 14 Ventures appointed Andrew Swarthout as chairman and director.

Brian Maher resigned as a director of PPX Mining.

Jutta Dönges and Michelle Gahagan joined the board of Rock Tech Lithium.

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