Principal of Damongo NTC blames school’s obstacles on increasing expense of products, others

Principal of Damongo NTC blames school’s obstacles on increasing expense of products, others


The principal of the Damongo Nurses Training College, Hajia Rabiatu Iddrisu hasactually blamed the increasing expense of products in the market for the difficulties the school is dealingwith.

Hajia Rabiatu likewise stated previous financialinvestment by the school in a class block and obstacles in getting some trainees to pay their costs haveactually made running of the school tough.

Students of the Damongo Nurses Training College haveactually been agitating versus school authorities requiring muchbetter food, and lodging, amongst other problems.

They likewise implicated school authorities of not providing first-year trainees with obligatory name tags, which they paid for, amongst others.

The school was not able to monitor trainees who went on clinicals this term.

Speaking to, Hajia Rabiatu Iddrisu discussed that the increasing expense of products, which were not expected, hasactually required management to suspend some expenditures upuntil next term to be able to cater for emergencysituations.

“Food costs have doubled, and we didn’t preparefor that, and we can’t ask the trainees to pay more, so some of the routine things we do had to be moved to next term, so we can take care of emergencysituations like feeding and paying of lease.”

“We likewise had to fast total a class block since we desire to start midwifery and that likewise has its effect and some of the trainees have not paid their costs so we have to prioritise,” Hajia Rabiatu stated.

She guaranteed that things would normalise next term and appealed to trainees and tutors who are upset to be client with the administration.

“I understand the trainees are combating for their rights duetothefactthat they desire to be comfy, however they have to be client, things will modification next term, so we are offering them an extended Easter break so that those who owe can go and discover the cash to come and pay, so we will do some of the things they are asking for next term.”

“We are resolving the lodging issue, we are moving some tutors to other structures to decongest the dormrooms. We puton’t have enough lodging of our own, so we are leasing 4 homes in Damongo and more in towns we go for clinicals to accommodate the trainees and their leas are due, so we are appealing that too.”

Meanwhile, the trainees on Monday, April 11, 2022, petitioned the school threatening legal action if their complaints are not resolved.

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