Sanitary Products Offshore: Here's What You Had To Say


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Yesterday Energy Voice published an article titled “Can women access sanitary products while working offshore?“. When shared on our social media, as well as on our sister sites, the Evening Express and Press and Journal, readers shared their opinions.

Opinions were divided across social media channels, ranging from disgust to dismissal of the issue. Some shared stories of working offshore and the facilities they had available while others were shocked that employers were out of touch with women’s issues in the 21st century.

Energy Voice commenter Louise Emlay wrote: “Weird… instead of going to the medic for “back-up” sanitary products the preferred option would be to get it from the bond?? I would rather stick needles in my eyes than stand in a queue full of dudes and buy a pack of Always.

Better still bring out a surplus every trip and have a decent stock in your locker then there is no issue at all. If I have ever fallen short I head up to the medic where they will normally have decent products to see you through.”

Ms Emlay went on to add: “Just bored with folk moaning to be honest.  No wonder females are accused of getting special treatment.”

Evening Express follower Jill Henry said: “Can’t believe in this day and age there aren’t sanitary bins offshore!”

Press and Journal reader Niall S Clark commented: “Worked offshore for over 10 years for these companies mentioned in the article. There’s always been bins available to dispose of sanitary products.”

A Facebook commenter with the username ‘Tcott Sracey’ added: “I remember there was a right hoo-ha about this in 94 when I started offshore. All female catering crew except the chef manager and baker.

“So the male powers that be in their wisdom said that each female had to put their sanitary products in the bags provided and take them up to the compactor for rubbish on deck……… except the female chefs……. as that would be unhygienic………   Eh hello!!! Who exactly will be shoving them in and removing them for them??”

On our LinkedIn Steve Portelly wrote: “After all too many of the facilities offshore are provided for men. Why not provide some for women?

“How many women get involved in laying out facilities offshore?

“Let’s have more disabled people working offshore as well!!”

On a few occasions, commenters turned the blame on those women offshore who had been caught off guard with one person writing: “Take your sanitary products with you like everyone else does when they go to work. If there are no bins use nappy sacks then throw them in the general waste.”

UK trade body for the offshore energy industry, OEUK recently launched an industry survey into the state of inclusion and diversity offshore.

This research will measure the diversity of OEUK’s member companies’ workforce as the organisation aims to “drive greater diversity and inclusivity in the industry”.

According to OEUK, the survey aims “to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the demographics of the workforce than has been previously available”.

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