The ONS Conference 'provides A Platform For Our Evolving Industry To Learn'


With ONS 2022 starting today and making an in-person return after four years, the energy industry is excited to see what the conference has in store.

People from all over the energy sector will flock to Stavanger for a multitude of reasons. Energy voice spoke with three industry leaders who will be in attendance about why they are going, the conference theme of ‘Trust’ and the importance of the Norwegian market.

Here is what they had to say:

Why are you going to ONS 2022?

© Supplied by Rely on Nutec
UK commercial director for Rely on Nutec Lee Fenton

UK commercial director for Rely on Nutec Lee Fenton answered: “We’re attending ONS so that we’re involved in discussions about the future of energy and to give us the opportunity to meet with the people who are debating energy solutions.

“As the global leader in workforce safety, renowned for delivering innovative digital services, it’s important that we understand the challenges our sector faces so that we can respond to these and shape our solutions to best deliver to our customers in the future.

“As an organisation, we never stand still and it’s at events such as ONS that we do some of our best research which helps to drive the strategic direction our business takes.

© Supplied by ICR
Henning Peterson General manager for ICR Integrity

General manager for ICR Integrity Henning Peterson said: “ICR is a technology-driven global provider of specialist maintenance, integrity and inspection solutions for on and offshore energy markets with a strong presence in Norway.

“Our strategic hub in Stavanger and local team has supported our clients since 2003 providing innovative technologies including our Quickflange™ weldless connection solutions which were developed in Norway in collaboration with Equinor (Statoil).

“Our team will be attending ONS to meet existing and new clients – it’s a great event in the energy calendar for Northern Europe to hear from leaders and peers in the industry about current developments, new technologies and emerging trends.

“The fantastic social events which take place in the evenings of the show week provide a great platform to discuss these further.”

© Supplied by Aker Solutions
Senior vice president of communications at Aker Solutions Kari Ertresvag.

Senior vice president of communications at Aker Solutions Kari Ertresvag replied: “As a Norwegian headquartered company, ONS is our home show and a must-attend meeting place for us.

“It provides a platform for our evolving industry to learn, shape and collaborate.

“It’s where we come together to advance the energy transition and find new, greener solutions together.

“Over the years we have built new relationships, secured long-term partnerships and advanced projects at ONS with customers and key stakeholders.

“It’s also a great place to meet potential employees. That will be a priority for us this year – to show what Aker Solutions has to offer talented young and more experienced people looking to develop their careers.”

What are your thoughts on the ONS 2022 conference theme of ‘Trust’?

ONS 216

Mr Fenton responded: “The 2022 theme of trust is very significant, not only to the industry but to us as an organisation.

“We’re increasingly delivering our services digitally and moving much of our business online.

“This has resulted in changes in the way we operate and the way in which we communicate with each other and with our customers.

“To quote ONS, ‘Finding new paths for relationships to flourish, push for growth and creativity while being apart. The digital revolution represents a great shift in trust, and in tech we trust for now.’

“We all know that digitalisation is the key to a sustainable energy future and as with all new ground-breaking initiatives, building trust is fundamental to driving success. ”

Mr Peterson commented: “Our clients trust us to deliver for them and our wider stakeholders in terms of our products, services, staff and values.

“This, coupled with our strong ESG practices, is how we do business, so this year’s theme of ‘trust’ is an excellent fit for us.

“It is also about trust in the supply chain, trust in the industry as we collectively move forward to achieve joint net zero targets and trust in our respective history and experience.”

Ms Ertresvag told us: “Trust is in the invisible fabric that supports an effective society – something that we pride ourselves on in the Nordics.

“At Aker Solutions, we believe trust is the foundation of all good relationships and core to successful collaboration and co-creation.

“As an industry we need to build trust among stakeholders and society to deliver reliable, affordable, clean energy.

“Trust is also a very pertinent topic given that we are growing and recruiting. Potential employees are looking for a culture where they can be empowered and innovative, where leaders can be trusted to set the right course in an uncertain world and where promises are kept and people are treated fairly.

“As our industry evolves, we need to create trust among our employees and future talent if we are to succeed.”

How important is the Norwegian market for your organisation?

ONS © Supplied by Kami Thomson / DC Th
Leif Johan Sevland, President and CEO of the ONS conference in Norway.

Mr Fenton stated: “We’re headquartered in Scandinavia and have 5 training centres in Norway, so this is an important geographical market for us.”

Mr Peterson added: “The Norwegian market is a key component of our business growth strategy, predominantly for our specialist repair, inspection and chemical injection pump services.

“There is continued investment in oil and gas within the region – in a responsible way – and we offer our cold work repair services (Technowrap™ engineered composite repairs and Quickflange™ weldless connectors) plus methane detection, analysis and quantification to help our clients transition to their net zero targets.

“We have local, strategic partnerships to support the delivery of our products and services to the local market, provide in-country training for our clients and have a team of multi-skilled technicians at our Stavanger base ready to mobilise.”

Ms Ertresvag expressed: “The Norwegian market is of great importance to us.

“We are currently tendering for 70 billion NOK worth of business in Norway and the NCS incentives are securing a solid activity level for Aker Solutions through to 2028.

“At the same time, we are growing and transforming within renewables, taking an active role in discussing the developing wind market in Norway and providing a supplier perspective on the frame conditions needed to develop the offshore wind market on the NCS.”

Read more about this week’s event in our interview with president and chief executive of ONS Leif Johan Sevland here.

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